Dog and Cat Pet Care                         Rates

Daily visits
approximately 30 + minute visits

1 Dog    - per visit                              17.00                          

2 Dogs  - per visit                             20.00

3 Dogs  - per visit                             23.00

Extended visit- 1 hour               20.00     1 dog

                                                        23.00    2 dogs


1 -2 kitty’s  -  per visit                               15.00                          

3 +  kitty’s  -  per visit                               17.00

Fresh food and water 
Petting and playtime 
Basic Grooming upon request
Cleaning litter box
Yard  and accident clean-up
Administering minimal topical medications upon request
Water indoor plants & patio plants
Alternate lights & window shades
Put out trash and recycling for pick up 
Pet related clean-up, including dishes, laundry, sweeping and vacuuming
Bring in mail, newspaper and empty trash bins if needed
Outdoor walks and playtime if appropriate
Digital pet photos will be taken to show you how your pets are enjoying themselves, either emailed to your computer - or printed out and left for your arrival home
Scheduled check-in with you with on status on your pets via phone or email while you are away

Extras (Rarely do we charge unless it is time intensive)

Bathing                                            10.00-15.00

Ear Cleaning                                   8.00

Teeth-brush                                     8.00

Nail trim                                         8.00

Video cam                                      10.00 day

Extra photos (10)                         20.00                                      

Water Yard & Garden        5.00-10.00
Price is per request and available based on size of yard and garden (no charge for a few plants)                             

Holiday Fees        5.00-10.00

Extra Per Day charge on major holiday: New Years Eve, Independence Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day       

Basic Grooming                        8.00-12.00

Price is per pet, per request and depends on grooming requests: brushing, cleaning of ears/teeth, trimming claws, etc..; based on temperament of pets, basic charge above

Medications                       1.00-4.00

Price is per pet, per request and based on temperament of pets (no charge for topical medications)

Dog Walking    (1/2 hour) per dog

1/2 hour                                            15.00     2 Dogs  18.00    3 Dogs   20.00

1 hour                                               25.00                    28.00                   30.00

Day trips:

destination of choice & time        30.00 hour        

Doggie Outings will be scheduled 2-6 hour trips to a dog park or other dog off-leash area where they can run, socialize with other dogs or just enjoy the new atmosphere. Your dogs MUST have off-leash experience and be current on all vaccinations to come along on an outing. They should be comfortable riding in a car or truck while not in a crate. Additionally, We must be familiar with your dog from a previous service (dog walk, daycare, overnight stay). If you are interested in doggie outings please CONTACT US (email).

Overnight Stays in your home or ours or

Day Care - in our home

Our Home is available for day care 7 days a week for dogs who need full daily care while you are at work, vacation or otherwise engaged.

Let them enjoy our cozy 2600 square foot home in the company of our 3 dogs. Everyone is free to roam the house supervised of coarse & tromp in our fully fenced back yard. With a specially built fenced dog area 30x 15 “the corral” if needed for the special ones with a family size hand built dog house + fitting three easily and the front also fenced there is plenty of roaming space and protected resting areas. The house has four bedrooms, main floor, upstairs, and a finished basement with living, laundry, and a workroom where they are free to go. They will be specially cared for all day by expert handlers. With the guest limit to only a few other doggie companions our daily requirements are specifically for enjoying our company and pampering everyone in the house. They will enjoy frequent playtime, walks, naps and treats (treats upon approval).
Our time in the house is dedicated to our guests.

We will also come to your home for overnight stays if you

prefer. The rates will be the same, there might be a extra

charge if distance is an issue.


                                                1 dog                2 dogs

overnight                            30.00                  40.00

weekly                                200.00               270.00

monthly                              750.00              1030.00

day care                               23.00                   33.00   

monthly                              650.00                 900.00

we p/u-drop off                15.00                    20.00

(8:00-10:00 a.m., 5:00-7:00 p.m.)

Check in / out time

Monday-Friday    –      7:00-9:00
a.m. to 5:00-7:00 p.m. (but we are very flexible)

weekend service pre-arranged, daily charges may vary.

no charge for mileage within our pet sitting service area. Outside service area there's a $1.00/mile fee.

Basic commands and trick training

One 1 hour sessions        45.00 session



Fees are subject to discussion and may vary depending on situation. Additional fees for multiple pets may also vary due to temperament

All pets must be up to date with shots and paperwork.


Free initial consultation where we'll meet with you and your pet(s). If appropriate at that time we'll fill out paperwork with specifications on your and their routine, necessary information about temperament, behavior and any other needful information, we will discuss payment and house key.


A deposit of 1/3 to 1/2 of estimated bill is requested of clients at time of client acceptance.

Extended visits and overnight stays are not offered initially but are up for discussion if the need arises, price will be discussed at this time. We also are open to providing housesitting if the need arises.


Requests made after 8 p.m. for visits on the following day will be charged a $10 late fee.


Cancellations: You must give at least 24 hours notice without additional charges.

We love new clients and if necessary, will try to meet or beat our competitors rates if reasonably possible to have you join our family. We always try to be very flexible and we fill that our rates are competitively reasonable but if needed we can and will negotiate price, times or what you may feel may need to be discussed and/or adjusted to help our clients out.



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